Basic policy

With due concern to the important nature of personal data, Oxford Asset Management Limited (formerly known as International Peaceful Interests Limited) (“the Company”) has set out the following privacy policy.

  • In addition to the compliance of all applicable laws, the Company shall manage and store personal data provided by customers with care and in an appropriate manner.
  • Personal data obtained by the Company shall only be used with the consent of the captioned customers supplying such data and insofar as is strictly necessary in providing customers with services and information.

Personal data handling

<Acquisition, use and provision of personal data>
The Company shall set out rules and regulations governing personal data acquisition, use and provision and shall handle personal data in an appropriate manner accordingly.

<Personal data security measures>
The Company shall take information security and other security control measures to protect personal data obtained and shall make every effort to implement security measures to prevent any illegal access to or the loss, falsification or disclosure of personal data. The Company shall disclose, amend, add, remove or delete personal data or suspend provision of personal data to third parties in accordance with the law.

Legal compliance

The Company shall comply with all laws applicable to the protection of personal data and any other relevant ordinances and government guidelines when handling personal data.

Reviews to this privacy policy

The Company shall make every effort to review the contents of this privacy policy on a continual basis in order to make improvements.